Food Quality & Safety

Steps of production

Here at Milan Foods, we consider food quality and safety is our religion. Not only we make sure that all the stages of manufacturing are up to the international standards but also screen and monitor the entire process of production and packaging with world-class equipment supported by excellent food engineering and high standards of safety. Milan Foods have achieved efficient operations by customized equipment for spice. Our team of professionals are well known for their innovative methods and taking a step further to process and clean the spices as per the quality standards of our clients

Following are the equipment used in Milan Foods:

  • Clean
  • Milling
  • Dust and stone removal

With our international standards and hygienic protocols, we produce the best quality products that are safe and healthy. All our products are picked, selected, dried, ground, preserved, and packed in a best and suitable environment to give you fresh spice every time you open a packet of Milan Foods products.

Safety and security of Food

At Milan Foods, we have developed and upgraded sanitation and quality control to make sure all the products are up to the safety protocols. We enforce and ensure safety control and strict quality at each step of our food manufacturing and supply chain. Either it is picking and selecting the raw material, developing the products, manufacturing, and production, or distribution of Milan Food products. Here, our Quality Assurance Team also makes sure that safety protocols are correctly followed and maintained.

Quality Control

Milan foods pay a lot of attention and care towards its quality control with its fully supported quality assurance team, protocols and measures by Food Safety Management, professional allocated advance and automatic machinery processing, and highly professional labor and staff. The quality is not only controlled but ensured that it remains well throughout the process from farming, sorting, drying, processing, storing, analyzing, handling, and packaging, grinding, and shipping. Our spices are grown in a clean and healthy environment in the built-in shed to reduce pesticide use.

Milan Foods have farmers all over the world who take safety precautions while growing the spices, exporting it to Pakistan, and delivering it from the local market. Therefore, we have a smooth production procedure from the start till the end, including reliable ways to drying in shadow naturally, storing the spices, processing it in isolated chambers, and at last packing it.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance is an entire and most essential process which takes place at every stage of our whole supply chain. We not only test our products and ingredients multiple times but also endure the best quality and consistency of the product at each stage of our supply chain. Milan Foods Quality Assurance is a step by step process which function with our fully-integrated QC lab with complete testing on physical, micro/ macro sanitary level, chemical and microbiological standards along with Inspection and Sanitation standards.

The entire process of Quality Assurance takes place by our team of professionals having immense knowledge of spices and our food engineers. The programs consist of these steps:

  • Quality Control of Raw Material
  • Quality Control In-Process
  • Quality Control In-Process
  • Quality Control – Plant Sanitation Program