Hygiene, quality and consistency are the perfect representation of the Manufacturing unit of Milan foods. From start to end, top to bottom – each step is executed flawlessly to get the highest quality products for our customers and clientele.

Here at Milan Foods we respect and perform each step of manufacturing as per International Standards so that you can get food products at its best. The manufacturing department consists of many stages, each supervised by food professionals and experts of the field to bring the best products at your dining table.

Milan Foods Guarantee

  • Authentic and genuine blends of spices specifically designed as per the taste buds of Desi and Pakistani food lovers all over the country and world.
  • Full inventory of spices from all over the world, hand-picked and processed to perfection.
  • State-of-the-art facility to manufacture the spices and recipe mixes, cleaning, sterilizes, roasting and grinding to the international standards.
  • Direct souring the spices from the countries it is origin and high quality locally grown spices for undeniable quality control.
  • Complete choice of packaging options from bulk, import or family pack options.
  • Manufacturing for Private Labels while protecting their proprietary blends.
  • Complete range of spices and recipe mixes – created by family secrets recipes and our spice and food experts.

Manufacturing Process at Milan Foods:

We follow these steps at Milan Foods to ensure high-quality manufacturing and production along with quality assurance.


All the spices are first clean to perfection, analyzing it physically as well as chemically at the same time. There are many steps included in the cleaning, destoning, removal of dirt and iron resides. The cleaning process takes place by the team of professionals to make sure all the raw material is appropriately clean and up to the standard before passing it to the next stage.


To bring more flavours in the seasonings, recipe mixes and spices, the ingredients are roasted to bring its authentic aroma and taste. That is why various spices are roasted on a specific temperature to deliver the best results.


Once the spices are roasted, they reach the next stage, which is grinding. For different spices and recipe mixes, different types of grinding are required; that is why each spice is ground as per its requirement. At Milan Foods, we make sure that the grounded spices are sent to the next stage for immediate mixing and packaging so that it reaches you fresh and aromatic.


In this step the spices are graded as per its quality and phase it is required for. The spices are also checked for their chemical balances, taste, colour, aroma and texture before they are sent to the next level.


Blending is one of the essential parts of manufacturing and production. If the spices are not appropriately blended and in the right proportion, the results will never come up to the desired requirement. That is why the food experts make sure that all the spices are blended perfectly in desired proportion to bring the best flavours, taste and aroma of the dishes it is made with.


Once all the ingredients are mixed well and blended to perfection, it is time to pack everything together. The packing process of Milan Foods is fully automatic and efficient, reducing human interaction and speeding up the process to pack the food products fresh. We also make sure that all the food products are packed in best packaging so that our clients receive high-quality products in the best form and giving you perfect results every time.